The most common question you ask me when we first meet is what my work process looks like and what it consists of. I will try to answer you in detail in this section.

Our work will start with your description of the space and the tasks you want to accomplish.

We will discuss (both verbally and with examples) the stylistic direction of the future interior, your dreams and preferences, functionality, and other important details for the further work.


Interior design is not only about aesthetics but also about carefully planned technical aspects.

The entire project is based on accurate and factual measurements of the space. This is crucial! Therefore, we will conduct detailed measurements.


After discussing your preferences, creating a technical brief, and completing the measurements, we start working on the functionality of the future interior.

Several layout options with furniture placement and designation of all zones and rooms will be prepared. The number of plans may vary depending on the size and architectural features of the building. We will select the most suitable one that meets all requirements and continue the work.


At this stage, we already have an understanding of your preferences, stylistic direction, specific preferences, accurate measurements, and an agreed-upon plan with the placement of everything needed.

It is time to work on sketches. With them, you will be able to see and easily envision your interior in the tiniest details after implementation.

The sketches show all the rooms from different perspectives, and sometimes with different lighting scenarios. We will discuss the results, make possible adjustments. After approval, we move forward.


Now we need to technically justify everything we have come up with. At this stage, drawings are made that contain all the necessary information for project implementation.

Here are the main sections included in the technical part:
– floor and ceiling plans, indicating all the existing nodes and structures;
– plans for the placement of electrical equipment (light fixtures, outlets, and switches);
– plans with references to plumbing fixtures; detailed wall elevations with layout and indication of all materials used.

The project also includes information on the quantity of materials required, sketch drawings for the production of custom-made items, additional sections for specific elements, a diagram for the placement of plaster products (if included in the project), and much more.


Alongside the technical part, we will coordinate with you on all materials (their appearance and cost) and create specifications for them.

These specifications will contain information on the quantity, name, general characteristics, and where to purchase these materials.

We will also prepare specifications for furniture and lighting fixtures.


At this stage, work on the project is completed, and we will gather all the approved information and print two project albums.

You can now proceed with its implementation. The service of "author's supervision" can help with this. It includes overseeing the project from its implementation to completion, providing consultations on any issues that arise, communicating with builders and subcontractors involved in the project, approving and adjusting changes that arise during implementation, visiting the site directly, and assisting in selecting suppliers based on price and quality. "Author's supervision" is a separate service and is not included in the main project.

We will agree on the terms and cost separately.