Creating the space you've been dreaming of!

Let's get acquainted – I'm Roman Zelensky, a professional interior designer and the founder of my own design studio. If you are on the path to creating your dream home or need a space for your business, I may be the one you need!

I have a higher professional education in the field of design, as well as over 15 years of experience. As the leader of my design studio, my team of 20 qualified specialists and I have completed and implemented around 300 different private and public projects. Each project is the result of the long and complex work of a whole range of professionals in their field: designers, architects, 3D visualizers, decorators, managers, and many other specialists in related fields.

My creativity is best expressed through the projects that you can see in the portfolio section. As for my personal qualities, the main thing you need to know is that it is very comfortable to work with me. I am always in touch with you, understand the tasks set before me, and never try to impose my point of view on you. The main goal of my work is to create an interior in which you will feel comfortable or a space that will meet all the technical requirements.